Impact North – Regional Growth

  • We are expanding our Impact across the region, by opening a new office in Northern BC
  • Ben Mills, Founding Principal, will be based in and operate our new Smithers Office
  • Impact has strong existing client relationships in the region with several active projects
  • Impact will offer our full suite of Mechanical and Energy services  

Expanding to Serve Northern BC

Northern BC is a thriving region of the province with a skilled workforce, highly productive research facilities and competitive industries that produce about 2/3 of provincial export wealth. Impact Engineering has a strong and growing client base in the North across key sectors including health, housing, commercial and industrial projects. 

As requests for our team’s services became more and more frequent, we took the strategic decision to establish a local office that will be operated full-time by Impact’s Founding Principal, Ben Mills, and supported with the full resources of our existing headquarters in Vancouver.

Vision for a Growing Impact

In establishing Impact Engineering, Ben’s vision is to reduce energy and carbon emissions from building operations. As a prerequisite, he understood the imperative to unite the disciplines of mechanical and energy engineering in a collaborative team.

Underpinning this is his passion for the outdoors, which has led him to pursue BC’s Mountain culture wherever it can be found. It’s a natural fit that he leads Impact North.

Impact North will not only be an office to serve Impact’s direct clients, but also a regional link to the wider buildings engineering community across the province. It will present the Northern experience in research activities and development of design strategies and strategic planning as Canada moves toward its 2030 climate targets and beyond.

We plan to grow the Impact North office by adding talented and passionate local staff to our strong existing team.

Office Located in Smithers BC

The town of Smithers is located halfway between the hub cities of Prince Rupert and Prince George on the main highway that connects BC’s coast all the way to Edmonton, AB. It is near the growing region of Terrace BC and to First Nations with ongoing development projects.  

Smithers has a highly educated population with the highest number of PhD’s per capita of any town in BC and has twice the national average for medical doctors. It is the regional service centre for the Bulkley Valley and is home to the headquarters of four locally founded $50 million dollar companies. It also has a regional airport with daily flights to Vancouver.

Service Offered and Key Opportunities

Impact will be offering its full suite of services focused on reducing costs, carbon emissions and improving comfort. In all our projects, we bring a strategy to leverage available incentives from both governments and utilities. 

Key services include:
•    Building Energy Studies 
•    Mechanical Prime Engineering
•    Energy Modelling and Passive House
•    Building Recommissioning
•    Energy Strategy and Decarbonization Roadmaps  

With the lower local design temperatures and often higher utility costs, our team see an opportunity for more integrated, high-performance projects focused on envelope, simplified mechanical strategies and the potential to include renewables. 

To achieve success, these projects will require a team that is well versed in combining mechanical and energy services with a clear strategic direction.

Impact Engineering

If you would like to learn more about Impact North, Impact Engineering’s portfolio, and how our services may fit your project, please reach out to our team. 

If you would like to learn more about Impact North, Impact Engineering’s portfolio, and how our services may fit your project, please reach out to our team.