We believe that a large scale movement is required to re-imagine a built environment in harmony with the natural world.

To support this transition, we enable our clients to reduce costs, improve comfort and decarbonize building operations.

We deliver our work through thoughtful study, strategic planning, integrated engineering design and professional management during and after implementation.

Ben Mills


Founding Principal

Kenneth McNamee

P. Eng., MSc., CEM, CMVP


Dilara Omur


Project Coordinator

Jason Le

P. Eng., CEM

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Steve Fetterly

P. Eng., CPHD

Lead Energy Engineer

Natasha Samson

P. Eng., LEED®AP

Sustainability Specialist

Zaina Abdul

E.I.T, MSc.

Energy Engineer

Nathan Trang

Dipl. Mech Eng Technology

Mechanical Technologist

Patrick Fyfe

E.I.T., B.A.Sc., LEED®GA

Mechanical Engineer in Training

Nick Cramp

E.I.T, MASc.

Energy Engineer

Paul Grandinetti

E.I.T, MSc.

Mechanical Engineer in Training

Our Values

Be Curious, Use it to Inspire

Stay up to date with what's happening in our global industry. Then utilize it to inspire others around you to do better.

Collaborate & Share Knowledge

Work internally, with our clients and partners to find the best solutions. Share your knowledge to improve our work and our industry.

Make a Meaningful Impact

Make an impact on our clients, we're here to make them feel good, make their employees feel comfortable and better our world.

Think Big, Act Smart

Aspire to create something you would be proud of with a sensible mind directed towards what's the right solution.


Donations and Social Responsibility

We believe in demonstrating our values through our actions and in supporting local communities that we are working in, to effect a positive impact.

In collaborating with our key partners we take action to offset our company carbon emissions, to support investment in like minded businesses, to participate in social impact hubs and to donate 1% of our gross profits to environmental causes.

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Reduce costs,
Improve comfort, Decarbonize your building.