HiH Energy Becomes Impact Engineering

Together with you, we’ve always focused on making an impact. That’s why we’re delighted that you’re among the first to know that positive change has come to our firm, formerly knowns as HiH Energy.

Our new name and fresh look better reflect our growing team as well as the breadth and depth of service that we offer.

We are the same people, with strengthened passion for the design of high performance solutions that reduce costs, improve comfort and decarbonize buildings.

We look forward to getting to know you again as Impact Engineering.

Our Services

Energy Studies
Building Condition Assessments
Engineering Feasibility
Strategic Energy Management
Energy Project Management
Owner’s Technical Representative
Buildings Engineering
Building Information Modeling (IBM)
Energy Modeling
Passive House Design and Modeling
Building Retrocommissioning
Measurement and Verification
Blower Door Testing
Thermal Imaging

Our People

Ben:Ben inspires people to reach for solutions that achieve optimal occupant comfort through low energy, low carbon design. He has a diversity of project experience both in scale and strategy: Instituonal, Office MURB, Healthcare.
Kenny:Kenneth is passionate about delivering performance focused buildings and infrastructure and has a diverse range of experience on Defence, Healthcare, Airport, and Institutional projects. He measures success through improved user experience, resiliency, and reduced carbon emission.
Natasha:Natasha looks at projects holistically, asking insightful questions that create opportunities to think differently and to re-examine assumptions. Her projects focus on strategic energy management as well as waste, water, comfort, functionality and flow.
Steve:Steve is strongly motivated to decarbonize multi-unit residential buildings by targeting opportunities for energy and GHG savings through comprehensive study. Using a holistic design approach, he implements engineered solutions ro deliver real results.
Jason:Jason is driven to continuously provide insightful design solutions with a focus on carbon reduction, resiliency, and occupant well being. His project experience ranges from MURBs to commercial and institutional projects, with expertise in healthcare design.
Jeff:Jeff is dedicated in is pursuit to lower carbon emissions from the built environment, whether it’s lowering operational or embodied carbon. To support his Passive House and Net Zero project experience, he brings on site blower door testing, thermal imaging and energy modeling strategies.
Dilara:Dilara is a project coordinator at Impact Engineering who uses her training in project management to ensure that teams function at their optimum level. She is also a geological engineer and enjoys the technical side of project delivery including 2D and 3D drafting.
Zaina:Zaina believes that green buildings go far beyond GHG reductions, as they make communities, buildings, and individuals kinder and more responsible. She is currently working on various energy studies, energy modeling, and energy monitoring projects.